“I have my life back’ is what you will hear from Debbi Glover owner and therapist at CryoHealth.
Eleven years ago Debbi was diagnosed with the debilitating chronic illness Fibromyalgia, which for most sufferers manifests itself as chronic pain and fatigue amongst many other symptoms.


During this period she had resigned herself to simply managing her symptoms and taking medication (including quick release morphine) to provide relief as no suitable alternative treatment could be found. Being in pain daily or asleep for days at a time was having a negative effect on her family life – with fibromyalgia everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt doesn’t work! In September of 2015 Debbi was awake for only 2 days.
This was all until a friend told her about Cryotherapy used by a number of athletes for their physical recovery.
Cynical but willing Debbi undertook a series of localised Cryotherapy treatments and after a handful of hour long treatments felt the pain and fatigue lessen and after just 12 treatments felt that her life was back to normal pre- diagnosis.  Family and friends are astounded at the results of the treatment seeing the improved physical appearance and her personality and energy improve. Debbi now maintains her health with regular treatments not wishing to ever return to a life of pain, fatigue, low energy and non existent motivation.
Inspired by the success of the treatment Debbi founded CryoHealth in Denshaw wishing to offer the treatment at an affordable price across Saddleworth and help others to achieve Mind and Body Wellness.
CryoHealth uses localised Cryotherapy that is a liquid nitrogen based freezing technology that aims to trigger a natural physiological reaction to cold temperatures resulting in increased blood circulation that provides endless benefits to invigorate health, recover from illness or injury, revitalise beauty or simply to complement your fitness regime.  The methods used and the follow up massage and where appropriate, mini exercise session results in a relaxing, energizing and refreshing experience.
CryoHealth has successfully treated a number of clients helping them with pain management for back problems, fibromyalgia and lupus, those with skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis and for those wishing to tone and tighten skin and improve the effects of ageing and even those wishing to loose those last few pounds.
Treatments are tailored to each client after a full free no-obligation consultation which can be booked on 0330 220 2002/07763 508099 or direct via this website.


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