This  treatment takes the benefits of CryoTherapy and concentrates it on targeted areas of the legs, abs, glutes, and arms and can be applied to Revitalise Beauty, Invigorate Health and Performance or aid Recovery from long term pain conditions. 

By hyper-cooling the outer layer of the skin, collagen is stimulated to produce more. As a result, the skin regains elasticity and appears both younger and smoother. This can result in the reduction of cellulite and improved tone and texture helping you to achieve the physical results you want.With repeated treatments, the appearance of cellulite is softened and skin texture looks more even. Localized Area treatments can also be a great compliment to post-surgery recovery to help heal skin quicker and help aid in scar prevention.

A session of Cryotherapy perfomed post workout is proven to enhance muscular recovery by restricting the inflammatory process resulting in greater preservation of isometric strength and endurance.  Rather than experience post workout fatigue or soreness this treatment can eliminate the onset of muscle soreness meaning you can continue to train without delay with increased levels of energy.

The benefits of Cryotherapy cannot be isolated so by undertaking a session the total physiological reaction to cold temperatures is put into action meaning that the natural results are achieved regardless of the type of treatment undertaken.

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