Invigorated Health

Mind and Body Wellness go hand in hand and we can apply Cryotherapy to help you heal naturally inside and out.  Our treatment exposes you to the same subzero temperatures that puts the mind and body into action -  circulation is boosted and improved, which causes an increase in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients around the body. The brain releases natural ‘feel good’ endorphins to help cope with the cold temperatures. These same endorphins increase energy levels and leave you with a euphoric feeling for up to 8 hours following a session. These naturally boosted euphoric endorphins have been know to improve sleep by decreasing levels of anxiety and irritability. 

CryoTherapy is proven to provide anti-inflammatory properties and this coupled with the release of endorphins provides relief from pain.  When exposed to cold temperatures the blood vessels constrict to help maintain core body temperature, as the body warms up post treatment they dilate and blood rushes to the area of treatment boosting the immune and nervous systems and aiding lymphatic drainage. Our CryoBody treatment is relaxing and invigorating and a series of treatments followed by regular maintenance sessions will relieve you of any sustained pain such as that suffered by those with fibromyalgia, lupus, back pain and sciatica.

Benefits to Invigorate Health

Invigorates the mind
Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Decreases fatigue
Treats Mental Health Disorders such as depression
Stimulates the Immune System
Treats Chronic Pain Syndromes
Reduces Pain Sensitivity
Improved Body Tone and Texture
Improved Well Being
Improved Sleep Pattern
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