Resilient Recovery

Exceptional effects of healing have been observed in the sports traumatology area. Our Systematic CryoSport treatment causes inhibition of inflammation that results in the reduction of pain and swelling. This reduction improves joint function, which enables quicker treatment and results for sports injuries. These anti-inflammatory properties help the body to recover after intense exercise by flushing out the muscles and delivering oxygen and nutrients thus preventing soreness in a post workout state as well as providing pain relief by constricting the blood vessels. 


With increased rates of healing and recovery, and the natural pain relieving effect and relaxation of muscles the ability exists to increase exercise tolerance, as well as strengthen muscles and joints to reduce the possibility of injury in the future. This is therefore very beneficial for clients who suffer from any back, muscle or joint pains The analgesic properties of CryoTherapy can also improve joint disorders such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.


With its known properties of allowing the body to heal, our CryoTherapy treatments CryoSport and/or CryoBody are your partners in your recovery and also go further to also reduce headaches, migraines and sinus ailments.

Benefits to Aid a Resilient Recovery

Recovery from Sports Injuries
Reduced Injury Recovery Time
Improved Joint Function
Increased Muscle Strength
Effective Chronic Pain Management
Swelling Reduction
Reduced Post Workout Soreness
Recovery from Headaches and Migraines
Increased Energy
Boost Lymphatic and Blood Circulation
Enhance Detoxification
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