Revitalised Beauty

In order for our skin to attain and preserve a young and healthy looking appearance we first need to increase our collagen production. Using pressurised liquid nitrogen vapours, our CryoFacial treatment activates this increase in the deeper layers of the skin, allowing it to regain elasticity. Now the skin becomes smoother and even toned with considerable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improving the overall ‘youthful’ feeling. When applied to the face and neck the chilled vapours will leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised and over time the benefits will penetrate even deeper for long term effects and benefits. 

Our treatment is designed to 'shock' the body into action by boosting blood circluation thereby taking oxygen and nutrients to the treated area which is proven to be beneficial for clients who suffer from acne and other types of skin conditions such as eczema.

CryoTherapy makes your metabolism work 4 times faster burning between 500-800 calories and assists with weight loss and reduces cellulite. How? Well the subzero temperatures make your blood circulation soar, speeding up the removal of toxins and even toning the muscles post treatment. The problem area becomes flatter and firmer, and the skin texture is also improved, including the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Our CryoBody Treatment complements a healthly diet and steady fitness plan.  With repeated treatments you can overcome weight loss plateaus and stimulate your metabolism which in turn helps to burn more calories and achieve your goals.

Benefits : Revitalised Beauty

Smoother Skin
Decreased Lines and Wrinkles
Increased Collagen Production
Tighter and Firmer Skin
Reduced Pore Size
Enhances Cell Production and Biological Regeneration
Cellulite Reduction
Assisted Weight Loss

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